I’m going on an adventure…

I’m going on an adventure…

I’m going on an adventure. In a few short weeks time I will be packing my things and moving to Germany for a year.


I’m not an adventurer by nature. I very much like to stay within my comfort zone. Because of this, I’m absolutely terrified at the prospect of living abroad for a year. That being said, I am also very, very excited.


The Plan

As part of my course at university (German and History), it is a requirement that we do a year abroad in a country where our target language is spoken. We had the choice of studying at a university, volunteering with the British Council and teaching English abroad or doing a work placement. I chose the last of these options.


From September I will be working for Airbus Helicopters Deutschland, teaching English to their apprentices.


Initially, I didn’t want to do a work placement because I was scared that it would be too difficult. Being thrown into a company where you’re forced to speak a language you only sort of know is very daunting. I changed my mind when I realised that although it’s scary, it’s probably the easiest, quickest, most effective way to improve my language. There’s nothing like jumping in at the deep end!


Where I’m Going

I’ll be living in Augsburg, near Munich. My parents and I went went to visit recently and its such a beautiful place. I feel very excited to have a whole year to explore what it has to offer. The links between Munich and Augsburg are great (it takes roughly 40 minutes on the slower, cheaper train from Augsburg Hauptbahnhof (translation: ‘main train station’) to Munich Hauptbahnhof) and I’m excited to see where else I will be able to explore.


Whilst I’ll be living in Augsburg, I will be commuting to Donauwörth. We went to visit Donauwörth when we went over there and its such a lovely, typically German town.


So the big question: How am I feeling about it all?

I am very much going through phases with regards to how I’m feeling. I’ll be absolutely terrified for a few days and then switch to being incredibly excited for the next few days.


As I write this I am incredibly excited. It’s been a few days since we got back from our visit and I didn’t want to come home. I’m so excited to put what I’ve been learning for the last 9 years into practice and actually speak some German! I was amazed by how much my understanding and confidence grew over just 4 days of being there so I’m hugely excited to see where I am with my German this time next year.


It feels like such a challenge and adventure at the moment. I’m sure that’ll change as the date gets closer and closer, but right now I’m so excited. To make friends, to get one step closer to fluency in the language and to force myself into independence instead of being scared. I’ve missed out on far too much in the past due to being scared, and I’m ready to stop doing that now.


So this is where the adventure begins I guess! I thought it might be nice to keep this blog updated throughout the year (if I have the time!) both for myself to look back on in the years to come, but also for family and friends at home who might be wondering how I am or what I’m doing. So here goes!


My one way ticket from Cardiff to Munich is booked for 25th August, so Germany, bis bald.



Lucy x